Media Arts Checkout

Open hours

Spring 2024 Checkout Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9 am-5 pm
Closed Tuesdays from 11 am to noon for Devotional

Closed Holidays, Devotionals, and department forums. Times may also be adjusted during Adv. Production Weekends

NOTE: Reservations cannot be made a half hour before closing.

MAL Access is held by appointment for the Spring/Summer. Contact Kyle Stapley to set up an appointment

FSSS MPS Hours (by appointment):

Contact us

Media Arts Checkout
HFAC Checkout: 140 WCAS
FSSS Checkout: LDS Motion Picture Lot*
Telephone: 801-422-6902

Please note - We do not take bookings via telephone, email, or walkups

Media Arts Labs
Open Computer Lab: 2322 WCCB
High-End Editing Lab (Cave): 130 WCAS*
Film Sound Lab (Pocket): 130 WCAS*
Telephone: 801-422-7300

*These spaces are limited to those who have received authorization at a MAL Access Meeting.


Welcome to BYU Media Arts booking system, Connect2! 

Welcome to BYU West Campus! The Media Arts Checkout is now located in 140 WCAS building. The new checkout is larger with a camera buildout/test bay, instruction room, and student Y parking directly behind the checkout for easier loading/unloading. 


General MAL Checkout policies can be found here: Media Arts Labs Policies

NOTICE: Media Arts Lab equipment is to be used only for TMA class projects and projects approved by the department administration. Use of the equipment for personal or commercial projects is prohibited and will result in loss of access