Open hours

Media Arts Winter 2019 Checkout Hours

Monday: 8:30am-12pm; 12:30pm-5:20pm
Tuesday: 8am-9:20am; 12pm-12:50pm; 3pm-5:20pm
Wednesday: 9am-5:50pm
Thursday:  8am-9:20am; 12-12:50pm; 3-4:50pm
Friday: 10am-3:50pm*
Saturday: 12-2pm*

*Subject to change due to Capstone Filming, see announcements below for special time changes


Contact us

Media Arts Checkout

  • HFAC Checkout: C195 HFAC
  • FSSS Checkout: LDS Motion Picture Lot*
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 801-422-6902

Please note - We do not take booking via telephone, email, or walkups

Media Arts Labs

  • Open Computer Lab: F233 HFAC
  • High-End Editing Lab (Cave): F235 HFAC*
  • Film Sound Lab (Pocket): F236 HFAC*
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 801-422-7300

*Access to these spaces are limited to those who have recieved authorization at a MAL Access Meeting.

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Welcome to BYU Media Arts booking system, Connect2!

NOTE FOR MARCH 15 & 16: Due to BYU Spring Break and Capstone Filming, we will have limited hours on Friday, March 15 and will be Closed Saturday, March 16.

Please Note, we close 10 minutes before the hours listed to allow our studnet employees to have time to make it to their classes. Please do not come late to your assigned drop-off time or you will be turned away.